Book Vouchers and Parking Policies

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Book Vouchers and Parking Policies

Book Vouchers / Parking Policies

Book Voucher

Book vouchers are credit authorizations given to the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore on the student’s behalf for the purchase of books and supplies using excess financial aid funds on a student’s account. The voucher period typically begins 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the semester and ends 3-4 weeks after the start of the term. Students will be notified via their NJCU email once the Book Voucher Application is available to be completed. All Book Voucher Activity Guides completed prior to the posted deadline for electronic processing will be sent to the campus bookstore without any additional processing. Students will receive a confirmation email once the funds have been processed and available to be used. Instructions on How-To complete the Book Voucher Activity Guide. The following terms and criteria must be met and/or followed in order for a student to be eligible for a book voucher:

  • The student shall have a current NJCU Gothic Card and be registered at least half-time if an undergraduate student.
  • The student authorizes NJCU to apply any Federal Title IV financial aid they receive toward charges that may be assessed to their NJCU student account.
  • The student understands that any changes in their course schedule or financial aid package could result in a balance due to NJCU, payable immediately. Failure to pay the balance will prevent them from registering for future semesters, release of their transcript, collection costs or could lead to being dropped for non-payment for the current and/or future semesters.
  • All charges on the student’s account must be covered in full and there must be a pending credit balance before they may apply for a book voucher. They may not use Financial Aid Deferments as payment to apply for a book voucher and a book voucher cannot create an unpaid outstanding balance on the student’s account.
  • The student understands that they must complete all their financial aid paperwork and only if they have received an official award letter from the Financial Aid Office would they be eligible to receive a book voucher. Incomplete paperwork will not be accepted.
  • The student understands that the book voucher is not additional financial aid. Their student account will be charged in the amount they have requested, which will in turn reduce the amount of any potential financial aid refund that they may receive for the semester.
  • If students do not use their full book voucher credit at the Bookstore, they may use the remaining funds at other locations where the Gothic Card is accepted.
  • Students must be aware that a refund will only be authorized if they have either withdrawn, graduated or were dismissed from the University. See the University Standard Refund policy for more details.
  • The student understands that if they satisfy the above condition, then they may request a refund for any unused funds remaining on their Gothic Card. They must go to Campus Card Services to fill out the Request for Refund Form which must have the student’s signature to process. All refunds must obtain final approval from the Office of Student Accounts. If the request is approved, the refund check will be mailed within 14 business days.


Semester parking plans can be purchased at the Office of Student Accounts at any time throughout the semester using excess financial aid funds on a student’s account. Students are required to fill out a Gothic Card Account Application and select the appropriate plan. Plan information is loaded on your Gothic Card by the Campus Card Services Office and may take 24- 48 hours to activate. Out-of-pocket payments for plans can be made online through the Gothic Card section of our website, the GET app or directly at the Campus Card Services Office in Hepburn Hall, Room 114.

Daily rates are also available. Please contact the Parking Department at (201) 200-2290 or visit their webpage for rates and additional information.