Visiting Students

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Visiting Students

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DURING THE FALL AND SPRING SEMESTERS: a formal application to NJCU is not required. The visiting student presents to the Registrar's Office, H-214 a permission letter from the university the student is attending. The permission letter should list course titles and be authorized by a proper authority.

DURING THE SUMMER I OR II SESSIONS: a formal application to New Jersey City University is not required. The visiting student presents to the Registrar:

  • Graduate and Undergraduate students - a permission letter from the university the student is attending stating the course title (s), and authorized by a proper authority, or
  • Graduate and Undergraduate students- a college transcript. To enroll in graduate course (s), transcript must reflect Bachelor degree completion.
  • Undergraduate students-a photostat of the student's high school diploma.
  • A completed NJCU visiting student registration form

GRADES FOR VISITING STUDENTS: After a visiting student has received grades at the end of the semester attended, (s)he should request an official transcript to be sent to the university of his/her choice and specify the department and/or person in the department who should receive it. Effective July 1, 2005, a one-time transcript fee of $25.00 will be charged to all incoming students. There is no longer a transcript fee for regular service. A fee of $10.00 is charged for same day "one hour" service.

FINANCIAL AID FOR VISITING STUDENTS: A visiting student cannot receive financial aid from New Jersey City University. Visiting students should check with their school's Financial Aid Office to see if it can enter into a Consortium Agreement with New Jersey City University for purposes of the student's enrollment at NJCU. All requests for these Agreements must be reviewed and processed by the Financial Aid Offices at each school. Supporting statements indicating that these courses will be credited toward the student's degree requirements must also be submitted to the home school.

Visiting Student Registration Form

High School Visiting Student Registration Form 

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