History and Tradition, Curriculum

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History and Tradition, Curriculum

History and Tradition

The Children's Learning Center was established in spring 1982 as a retention tool for undergraduate students. Open five days a week, the center accommodated children of Jersey City State College undergraduates. The center provided child care services to approximately 45 children between the ages of 2.5 and 8 years each semester. The staff was comprised of a full-time director, one full-time teacher, and a part-time graduate assistant. Fully licensed by the State of New Jersey, the center remains true to its mission as a retention tool. Although the location of the center remains the same, the Children's Learning Center has expanded the services it provides to the NJCU community. The center is currently open 5 days per week, 11 months a year to undergraduate and graduate students, employees, and alumni of New Jersey City University. Each semester the Children's Learning Center provides services to approximately 60 children and serves as a training site for over 60 students. The staff is now comprised of one full-time director, four full-time teachers, one administrative assistant, graduate assistants, work-study students, volunteers, and student teacher

Individualized Curriculum

At the Children's Learning Center, we believe that families are partners in a child's education. We also recognize the importance of working with each child at his/her current developmental level. All children enrolled in our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs on a full time basis are eligible to receive individualized curriculum. Prior to the child's first day in the program, the family will come in for a meeting with their child's teacher. At this meeting, we will work together to develop curriculum goals for the upcoming school year. These plans will be used by the teachers to create individualized curriculum for your child.