Onslaught Cover
Cover (Ink on Bristol/digital, 6.625”x10.185”)
Onslaught Page 1
Page 1 (Ink on Bristol/digital, 6.625”x10.185”)


Onslaught Page 2
Page 2 (Ink on Bristol/digital, 6.625”x10.185”)
Onslaught Page 3
Page 3 (Ink on Bristol/digital, 6.625”x10.185”)


Onslaught Page 4
Page 4 (Ink on Bristol/digital, 6.625”x10.185”)
Onslaught Page 5
Page 5 (Ink on Bristol/digital, 6.625”x10.185”)


Onslaught Page 6
Page 6 (Ink on Bristol/digital, 6.625”x10.185”)

Artist Information and Statement

Junior Mejias
BFA Candidate


I create my artwork using traditional and digital media with a specialty for cartoons, comics, and Anime art. Influenced by the cartoons and Anime of my youth, I want my art to inspire young audiences in the same way that I was during my formative years. Comic art tells stories through the development of amazing characters and proper story writing which ultimately brings the characters to life.

My original art is a combination of the American comic book style mixed with an influence of eastern anime. The story that I am currently working on is an ongoing series titled Onslaught. It is a horror action thriller that follows the adventures of Trevor Barret, a college student who faces an increasingly deadly landscape as he fights alongside vampire hunter Jason Colt and witch apprentice Abigail Cruz to stop the creatures of the night from wreaking havoc on earth.

The first chapter is 12 pages long and It will introduce the reader to the main cast, the environment they live in and the danger that awaits them in chapter 2.

Comic art not only allows me to express myself and cope with my daily life, but I believe it can help others as well. These stories take you on adventures in which you escape to faraway lands and if you can connect with even just one character then they will become a friend to you all the way to the end. You project yourself onto your favorite hero or heroine, their achievements and defeats become yours and you get excited to see how they tackle all the challenges they face with every new chapter. They can teach you inspiring lessons that you can apply in the real world. It would be a dream come true for the opportunity to share my art with the world and let others come along on this action-packed journey.