Blinding Condition

painting 1
Mother and Children; Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24” 2019
painting 2
Blinding Trust; Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36” 2017
painting 3
3. SHE; Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36” 2018
painting 4
4. Following Orders; Oil on Canvas, 36 x 47” 2019

Artist Information and Statement

Ailyn V. C. Lopez,
BFA Candidate


My series, “The Blinding Condition” addresses metaphorical blindness. With gestural​ figures conveying, the existential blindness that is inherent within the human experience. This blindness manifests itself in many forms—whether through incognizance of the unknown or willful ignorance of what one refuses to face. ​ I call it “The Blinding Condition”, because the gestural figures convey not being able to physically see the existing state that can be changed, or situations with respect to circumstances of the abstract structures of freewill.