Clay sculpture for Pices Exhibit of a hand
Clay sculpture for Pices Exhibit of a hand


Clay sculpture for Pieces Exhibit of a hand
Clay sculptures for Pieces Exhibit of mouths and eyes


Artist Information and Statement

Elariya Girgiss
BFA Candidate
@elariya_art_gallery (Instagram)

It’s my passion to portray the intricate forms and details of the human body, to show them as I see and feel them. I’m in love with the shapes, textures, surfaces, the softest wrinkles of human skin, and similarly, the texture and movement of fabric. Roman style sculptures made me fall in love with art in general and especially sculpture. The intricacies and beauty of the carving on these sculptures influenced my perspective of all the different surfaces I encounter every day.

My preferred medium is clay for its ability to be manipulated and shaped into a variety of rich surfaces. Clay offers me spontaneity in the making process and indulges my love for carving. Working specially with an enlarged scale highlights the detail of my subjects. It provides freedom and space to show the tiniest of forms and inspires close looking and reflection. I am driven by the complexity of making figures and how as a sculpture they can feel both alive and empty.