Witch’s Batter
Witch’s Batter, 2020, Gouache on Illustration Board, 11” x 14”
Valentine’s, 2020
Valentine’s, 2020, Gouache on Illustration Board 11” x 14”
Santa’s Cookies, 2020
Santa’s Cookies, 2020, Gouache on Illustration Board 11” x 14”
Lucky Bread, 2020
Lucky Bread, 2020, Gouache on Illustration Board 11” x 14”
The Fourth, 2020
The Fourth, 2020, Gouache on Illustration Board 11” x 14”

Artist Information and Statement

Natasha Forbes
BFA Illustration


My series, Sweet Tooth, is a collection of calendar illustrations themed around baking and desserts. These illustrations are done with gouache on illustration board. All of the illustrations in this series are themed around a holiday that falls within each month. Along with the more mainstream holidays, I also reference some lesser known national food holidays for each illustration. My illustrations are light-hearted, and focus on the celebratory aspect of these holidays. Each illustration portrays women with a baked good that corresponds with each holiday.

My goal with Sweet Tooth is to showcase the visual appeal of the desserts, as well as show how fun the baking process can be. Many people tend to see baking as a scary process since every measurement must be precise. Through my playful, yet simplistic illustrations, I wanted to show that it is not such a complicated process. The sweetness of the desserts is highlighted by the light-hearted nature of each scene. The diversity of the women in these illustrations conveys the idea that anyone can bake. These women are given an array of expressions, which helps to further cement the idea that baking and the aftermath of the process is meant to be enjoyed.