Meet the 2020 BFA Candidates

Collage of work from BFA students showing in Spring 2020

Asma Abibakar, Karla Almonte, Marjelyn Alvarez, Olivia Boules, Brian Bransky, Katy Burdge, Justin Cannon, Aminah Chaudhary, Aurora Lissette Diaz, Natasha Forbes, Elariya Girgiss, Gabriela Gomez, Raeef Hanna, Julio Huamantupa, Ailyn V. C. Lopez, Junior Mejias, Steven Mosquez, Alexa Marcela Ramirez, Marcos Renderos, Isabella Reyes, T'ana Salinas, Jasmine R Shaw, Michael Spadola

Those without the links will complete their artwork in time for the real-life exhibition in the Fall. 

Virtual Artist Talks

On following days, they gave an artist talk via Zoom.

5/13, 5 - 7 p.m.  (Guest critic: Doris Cacoilo)

Asma Abibakar, Gabriela Gomez, Natasha Forbes, Raeef Hanna, Marcos Renderos, and Jasmine Shaw
Followed by the Karen Ziccardi '68 Art Awards Presentation (6 – 7 p.m.) during which two of the BFA recipients, Aminah Chaudhary and Junior Mejias, as well as, Angelica Garcia and Charles Tavares talked about their award-winning artworks.  Ms. Ziccardi made her congratulatory remarks from California. 

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5/15, 2 - 3:30 p.m. (Guest critic: Jeanne Brasile)

Karla Almonte, Marjelyn Alvarez, Brian Bransky, Olivia Boules, Katy Burdge, Justin Cannon, Julio Huamantupa, Ailyn Lopez, Steven Mosquez, T’ana Salinas, and Michael Spadola

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