Citizen of the World

Customized Luggage Design
Customized Luggage Design, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work), Dimension: 8x10in.
Passport to Asma’s Travel
Passport to Asma’s Travel (PDF Link), Medium: Graphic Design (Digital work), Dimension: 3.4x4.9in

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Customized PIA Boarding Pass
Customized PIA Boarding Pass, Medium: Graphic Design, Dimension: 9.25x4 in.
Customized Thai Boarding Pass
Customized Thai Boarding Pass , Medium: Graphic Design, Dimension: 9.25x4in.
Customized MAS boarding pass
Customized MAS boarding pass, Medium: Graphic Design, Dimension: 9.25x4in.
Upcoming Flight Board
Upcoming Flight Board , Medium: Graphic Design (Installation Work), Dimension: 36x24in.
Lifelong Travel Board
Lifelong Travel Board, Medium: Graphic Design (Installation Work), Dimension: 36x24in.
Travel Journal
Travel Journal (PDF link), Medium: Graphic Design, Dimension: 8x10in.

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Malaysian T-Shirt Design
Malaysian T-Shirt Design, Medium: Graphic Design, Dimension: 15x12in.
Thai T-Shirt Design
Thai T-Shirt Design, Medium: Graphic Design, Dimension: 15x12in.
InFlight TV Map
InFlight TV Map, Medium: Graphic Design (Installation Work), Dimension: 31.5x31.5in.


Artist Information and Statement

Asma Abibakar,
BFA Candidate


Life as a traveler is a bit of everything. It’s complex, ever-changing, exciting, informative and most of all rewarding. I was born in Pakistan but my identity as a lifelong traveler began when I was only a few weeks old. I moved to Malaysia as an infant and spent the remainder of my childhood there but that was not the end of my journey. For the following ten years, I continued to explore other corners of Southeast Asia, traveling from Thailand to Brunei to India and finally making my way back to Pakistan in my early teenage years. While living in Pakistan, I began to blend all the cultures and languages that I experienced. Traveling has been a part of my lifestyle since I was young which is why it has now culminated into my DNA. My previous travels influenced the creation of the several souvenirs as part of my BFA project, showcasing my experience.

My project is a glimpse into the joys of traveling adventures for those individuals who love to travel and for those who have never traveled before. My project is a display of seven souvenirs that I created which were imprinted in my mind through my experience of traveling for twenty-three years. This was not just an ordinary experience, it was a self-shaping experience. For people to experience the wonders of travel with me, I have created a list of souvenirs. The most crucial souvenir is the passport which acts as my identity and the door to becoming a citizen of the world, followed by boarding passes that highlight my most memorable airline journey. Equally important are the flight information boards and an InFlight tv map which reflects both my upcoming and past travels. The InFlight Map displays a world map showcasing the countries I have visited. In addition to these items, I also created a travel journal that illustrates a more personal perspective of the countries that I have traveled to along with the memories I have created in the process. I also designed t-shirts that represent my favorite destinations. The final piece to my project is the design I created for a sticker to customize luggage. When grouped together, these souvenirs represent how traveling has molded my identity.