Culinary Exploration

Peru, Medium: Digital Illustration, Dimensions: 8.8inx7.19in 72 dpi
French Croissant
French Croissant, Medium: Digital Illustration, Dimensions: 5inx5in 72 dpi
Japanese Sushi
Japanese Sushi, Medium: Digital Illustration, Dimensions: 7inx5in 72 dpi
Italian Pizza
Italian Pizza, Medium: Digital Illustration, Dimensions: 7inx5in 72 dpi
United States Donuts
United States Donuts, Medium: Digital Illustration, Dimensions: 4.8inx7.3.9in 72 dpi
Chinese Hotpot
Chinese Hotpot, Medium: Digital Illustration, Dimensions: 10.6inx8.1in 72 dpi
German Hamburger
German Hamburger, Medium: Digital Illustration, Dimensions: 6.05inx6.3in 72 dpi
Italian Cuisine
Italian Cuisine, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work)
Ancient Japan
Ancient Japan Cuisine, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work)


Classic French Cuisine
Classic French Cuisine, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work)
Traditional Peruvian Cuisine
Traditional Peruvian Cuisine, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work)


Artist Information and Statement

Alexis Mariah Castaneda

BFA Candidate

In this series, the illustrations are tailored and set to convey the undeniable differences that define people through food. Furthermore, the purpose is to spread awareness of the historically abundant aspects of culture through traditional and well-known cuisines. As a society we taste, eat, smell, and delight in partaking in the consummation of these outstanding traditional or homemade meals. These illustrations shed some light on the importance of food and its long journey to this modern era.

Through time, people do not question where these culinary combinations originated from, instead but looked at the great chefs who prepared the dishes. These illustrations’ focus is to continue asking the same questions: where, when, who and why? The reason why we need to continue asking these questions is to rediscover these gastronomical fares as each dish has a story that needs to be told. While illustrating the French piece it tells a story, which is connected to the Austrian war, the very French croissant we eat for breakfast. The Peruvian Pachamanca a well-known Peruvian dish tells the story of the most notorious Incan empire to have lived in the Americas dating back to 1400 CE. As mentioned, each dish has a story, and behind the one-story is one long culinary expedition that deserves to be explored.

This series serves as such; a visual conduit of the wonders and delights we eat arranged in the visuals and in words.