Through The Leaves

Interior Hut
Interior Items, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
Grove Image
Grove, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
Hut Interior
Hut Interior, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
Light Study
Light Study, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
The Lycaon, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
Plant Study
Plant and Tree Studies, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
Sacred Spring
Sacred Spring, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
The Sankori, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
Temple, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
Village, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
The Zhaccai, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)


Artist Information and Statement

Juliet Paola Alicea, 

BFA Candidate


From the films such as ​The Lord of the Rings, Spiderwick, ​and ​Harry Potter ​the artists behind these fantastical films made the natural world magical. They created these fictional creatures and placed them in a world, worlds I’m sure many of us have wished we lived in. It was these stories that inspired me to create my own world with its own fictional characters. “Through The Leaves” is a story that I created revolving around a world born from the sketch of a plant-like wolf I called the Lycaon. The story follows both the Lycaon and one of the main characters, Kamala, through a series of betrayal, vengeance, and loss. My work is meant to enchant the viewer through the vibrancy of color within nature and the magic behind these fantastical creatures. Fantasy has always been able to pull me into its imaginary world and with my art, I strive to do the same. Through every crack in a stone to the tiniest leaf, I neglect neither. Though some tease me for drawing details that no one would see I hope one does. It’s these small details that add to the realism of this imaginative world. I want my viewers to be able to walk inside the piece and to feel as if they are there. This work was created digitally using the app Procreate. The work gives off a soft calming feeling due to the texture of the brush. When painting I don't worry too much about the technical aspect of what's right or wrong rather what makes it feel more alive.