Kobalt Universe 

Mural 1
Mural 1, Medium: Ink on paper, Dimensions: 6ft.x22ft
Mural 2
Mural 2, Medium: Ink on paper, Dimensions: 6ft.x22ft
Mural 3
Mural 3, Medium: Ink on paper, Dimensions: 6ft.x22ft
Mural 4
Mural 4, Medium: Ink on paper, Dimensions: 6ft.x22ft


Artist Information and Statement

Brandon Regis

BFA Candidate


Hello! My name is Brandon Regis, and I am a student at New Jersey City University. My desire for art is always traditional drawing, penciling, painting, and ink on a piece of paper. However, I often sometimes experiment with digital work as well. Whether it is from Photoshop or in Illustrator. I want to experience more from an illustrator's perspective of not just creating or designing something for a client, but to express my imagination through designs. To market myself to achieve my goals and as well as a passion to build myself for the next chapter of my journey. For my work, I have done an illustration mural featuring multiple characters based on original concepts and as well as characters based on my own interpretation. The characters will be presented as if they are gathering up together for a group photo of some sort. The Mural is (6ft.x22ft.) 5 pages length tall and 13 pages wide width. The KOBALT Universe coexists with worlds filled superheroes, comedic gags, big and small, etc. Like Marvel, DC Comics, and like any other comic book universe, this universe takes you to a journey filled with imagination. From action-packed stories to adventure theme, and even to funny stories. KOBALT maybe typical another comic book universe, but KOBALT is something that I can admire others like how other comic book editors, writers, and artists that have done up to now.