A Piece of Paradise

Packaging 1
Packaging, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work), Dimensions 3.5inx3.5inx3.5in
Packaging 2
Packaging, Medium: Graphic Design (Digital Work), Dimensions 3.5inx3.5inx3.5in
Father's Sacrifice
Father's Sacrifice, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work)
Mother Love, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work), Dimensions: 18inx24in
Mother's Flowers
Mother's Flowers: Illustration (Digital Work), Dimensions: 18inx24in
Self Journey
Self Journey, Medium: illustration (Digital Work), Dimensions 18inx24in
Hope Within
Hope Within, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work), Dimensions: 18inx24in
One Spark
One Spark, Medium: Illustration (Digital Work), Dimensions: 18inx24in


Artist Information and Statement 

Cindy Alviar,

BFA Candidate



There have been many events that affected us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our concern for everyone is the force that will help us make this world of the people by the people and for the people. I wanted to use symbolism to express love, concern, and positivity this year. That love I had, was always around me, and I appreciated every moment, especially with my family. For this project, I wanted to combine my passion for both illustration and graphic design. Therefore, I created a jigsaw puzzle product line, "A Piece of Paradise," with unique illustrations representing a positive, inspirational quote. Positive quotes or words have the power to change someone's life. This artwork is special to me because it expresses my positivity and beliefs of both God the Father & God the Mother that changed my life for the better. Even if you may not have the same faith, you can still grasp those emotions of comfort and love.
Moreover, puzzle games created special moments between my family, and I wanted to share that feeling or moment with everyone through this project. In other words, each illustration visually expresses those feelings of comfort and encouragement through its color or even its depicting of nature. The designs are mainly composed of structural layouts that set the artwork's hierarchy and scenes with various color schemes to portray different emotions. The experience helps you build layers of depth in a piece. I'm interested in doing works that reflect who I am—as a mark that leaves a part of me in each design.