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Artist Information and Statement

Selena Bonilla, 

BFA Candidate

I've always wanted to be part of a creative team and to produce illustrations that will inspire. For my BFA I am making concept art for a game. I have named the game ReGarde:Encore.

"ReGarde:Encore" begins with the enticement to play a game with a group of players. The game scenario offers dual worlds: one is that of the "game" that players are immersed in and the other is the world, set in the future, that they live in. The action of the game revolves around the players becoming entrapped in the game. The intrigue is thus: the characters traverse a game world which becomes a prison and, if they succeed, escape to the "real" world which exists outside of the game. Each character must first realize his or her entrapment. And second, each character must find a way to escape from the gravitational pull of their entrapment in the game. The question of a larger plan and a more sinister controlling force that controls the options of the players emerges as the rules and bounds of the game unfold. It is possible for players to embark on a mission to save not only self but also the other players. But meanwhile, everyday life outside of this virtual quicksand is changing in unpredictable ways.

For my BFA illustration work, I plan to develop characters and environments for the game concept.  

My inspiration for this project and the two-tier world of ReGarde:Encore comes from visual novel games I've grown up playing.