BFA Exhibition

Boys Before Toys
Boys Before Toys, Medium: Mixed Media
Brothers Before Strippers
Boys Before Strippers, Medium: Mixed Media
Cheeseburger, Medium: Mixed Media
Helping Hands
Helping Hands, Medium: Mixed Media
Leech, Medium: Mixed Media
Honest Work
Honest Work, Medium: Mixed Media
Marriage, Medium: Mixed Media
Men, Medium: Mixed Media
Naive, Medium: Mixed Media
Spit Don't Swallow
Spit Don't Swallow, Medium: Mixed Media
Susana and The Window
Susana and The Window, Medium: Mixed Media
Swagger, Medium: Mixed Media
The Artist His Friends
The Artist His Friends, Medium: Mixed Media
The Final Concert
The Final Concert, Medium: Mixed Media
The Thinker on The Fountain
The Thinker on The Fountain, Medium: Mixed Media
There's Stuff In Your Nose
There's Something in Your Nose, Medium: Mixed Media
Trust Issues
Trust Issues, Medium: Mixed Media
Twosome, Threesome, Foursome, Lonesome
Twosome, Threesome, Foursome, Lonesome, Medium: Mixed Media


Artist Information and Statement 

Ethan Dsouza, 

BFA Candidate

My work portrays metaphoric ideas through humor, radicality, symbolism, and irony. The angst and anxieties of everyday life affect me; conditions, situations, glimpses, that are odd, uncommon, unusual catch my attention. I try to integrate these in my work through a merging of Expressionism with Realism, in an illustrative format. 

Before I start working on a composition, I give value to the blank canvas that lies in front of me and work my way to attain that value. This value is tangible as well as intangible, and it emerges through my method of creating my work. When I work, I create a mental ambiance of urgency, which is for me an arousing sense of rush, and that results in fast moves and sudden strokes. This is how my composition presents my subject matter in an unusual, unique manner.  I try to deconstruct Reality – what it is and what it could be – thus bringing a new meaning to it, a new chain of thought. My intent is to challenge, question, even destroy, fixed, existing beliefs.

My work aims to make a philosophical point, to provoke a thought process, and effectively, to evoke a smile in the viewer. It is my intention to awaken a whiff of humanity through my art amidst a whirlpool of chaos because this is what makes breathing worthwhile. Fulfilling this intent has a power, an empowerment even, that defies words.

Passion. And being alright.
Even a stockbroker will need a hooker tonight.
Even Intelligence needs cocaine sometimes.
Jack n’ coke will always remain prime.
We find our ‘High’ through something or other,
In some form of a Lover.
We all thrive and strive for the sublime,
A purpose through which we can find our rhyme.
This is me being philosophical and content…
Trying to be wise in my torment…
Trying to portray myself through Art…
Attempting to embrace ‘emotions’, making a fresh start…
Taking a shot at stopping wars, even the ones in my head and heart…
Trying Art to exemplify purpose and meaning
Even as my heart lays beside me, bleeding.