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The mission of the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department is to promote and improve health, wellness, safety, and quality of life at the University. Through a combination of services and policy, work to improve and ensure the overall health and wellness of community members by preventing the spread of disease, protecting against environmental hazards, preventing reoccurrence of campus injuries (from workplace injuries to certain student injuries), and ensure compliance with appropriate municipal, county, state and federal health and safety regulations and codes.

Who We Are

Office of Environmental Health and Safety Staff:

  • Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability
  • Administrative Assistant

Partners in Safety and Compliance:


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Learn more about EHS Services for Employees here:

EHS Services for Employees

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EHS Focus Areas

Environmental Safety

Lab Safety and Industrial Hygiene

Public Health and Safety

Workplace and Construction Safety

Awards and Accomplishments

NJCU received this University-Wide Safety Award by achieving a loss time incident rate of 3.0 or less which resulted in a minimal loss of work time, by all faculty and staff in 2017. Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards Program | NJCU Ecological Sustainability

Since 2003 Chemistry students are introduced to smaller scale (mini-scale) experiments as part of a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) which resulted in the use of less hazardous chemicals, students’ safety and environmental awareness. Improving Laboratory Safety Through Mini-Scale Experiments | NJCU Ecological Sustainability


Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability:
Rita Oleas, CSP
Office: 201-200-2151

Emergency 24/7
Public Safety Department