Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness

About the Office

The Office for Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) works to forward the university mission of providing a diverse population with an excellent education by providing leadership and direction for integrated planning, assessment, accreditation, and institutional research at New Jersey City University.

The OIE supports:

  • Evidence-based decision making and integrated planning
  • Collaboration and coordination within and across institutional units
  • Transparency and provision of data to internal and external stakeholders
  • Data analysis and communication of information to multiple audiences
  • The use of data and assessment to improve student learning and academic outcomes
  • The use of data and assessment to improve outcomes for administrative and support programs
  • Engagement with MSCHE Standards and orientation toward continuous improvement
  • Fulfillment of disciplinary accreditation requirements
  • Education of the campus community about institutional effectiveness, assessment, planning, institutional research, and accreditation
  • Development of organizational capacity for data collection and analysis, execution, and accountability


Main Office:
108 Hepburn Hall

Associate Vice President:
Sue Gerber

Research Analysts:
Candace Amorino
Yvonne Cheng
Julian Garcia

Student Learning
Outcomes Assessment:

Cheryl Swider

College of Education

Elizabeth Hickey

More information: